Welcome, and Rediscover the Joy of Therapeutic Movement

Welcome, and Rediscover the Joy of Therapeutic Movement

 Therapeutic Movement is a Feldenkrais® based means of bringing awareness to habits of posture and movement, and experiencing new, more efficient options.

 Private sessions lead you to become aware of

inefficient postural and movement habits that are working against you. Individually customized lessons help you learn how to increase ease, grace, and pleasure within movement. 

 As you discover new, pain-free ways of moving you can begin to avoid areas of chronic stress aggravation. Your expanded awareness can improve how you feel, move, and age.

 Experienced on it’s own, or as an adjunct to physical therapy or a personal exercise program, in a very real sense the lessons are designed to help your body work for you and support you in living your life.

 As a provider in private practice, trainer for professionals and clients, and providing care to chronic and acute pain clients, Barbara has been working as a member of health care teams since 1990. 

 She has additional certification in Pre & Perinatal/women’s issues. A preferred provider on many insurance plans, she also accepts private payment.