What is Feldenkrais-based Therapeutic Movement?


What is Feldenkrais-based Therapeutic Movement?

Feldenkrais®-based Therapeutic Movement is a means to reduce chronic pain, in movement or stillness, and a way of returning to pleasure and joy.

The focus of this Orthopedic Movement system is functional mobility, tailored to each individual’s specific needs, emphasizing their personal understanding as they learn more fluid (minimization of unnecessary effort), balanced (proportional use of synergists and balance muscle antagonists), easier (appropriate distribution of movement and maximization of proximal support), supportive movement (skeletal weight-bearing) - in activity and at rest

Therapeutic Movement is based upon: 

  • observation of an individual’s existing patterns 
  • exploration of alternative biomechanically-sound movement options 
  • incorporating “new and improved ways of moving” into successful functional performance  

It is a therapeutic approach complementary to classic rehab programs and includes… 

  • biomechanical work (balance, kinesthetic awareness, knowledge)
  • neuromuscular re-education
  • therapeutic exercise (incl. home program)