What conditions do you treat?


What conditions do you treat?

I treat clients presenting with typical musculoskeletal problems (aches and pains) and general movement difficulties (stiffness, gimpy). So the list includes (but is not limited to) rotator cuff tears, low back pain, hip pain, headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, carpal tunnel, golfers elbow or tennis elbow, pain with rolling over in bed, getting out of bed, stiffness in the morning, pain at the end of the day, climbing or descending stairs.

Pain or limits in lifting, turning, driving, sitting, getting from sit to stand or back into a chair or seat, getting to the floor or back up, turning the head/neck to see when driving, etc.

Then there are the fun things which might be limited or pained – golfing, hiking, walking, skiing, kayaking, gardening, Frisbee, horseback riding, biking, running, swimming, etc.

Some clients come to regain confidence on any movements, as their prior physical therapist, yoga instructors or online/print instructions have taken away their inherent physical creativity and curiosity.

Get the picture? Anything that involves moving or being in gravity can be addressed.